Foster by Sawyer Bennett

Foster by Sawyer Bennett: A Heartwarming Single Dad/Nanny Romance

In “Foster” by Sawyer Bennett, hockey player Foster McInnis navigates the complexities of gaining full custody of his daughter, Bowie Jane, while balancing his demanding career. When his ex-wife’s unreliability leaves him in need of support, he hires Mazzy Archer, a highly recommended nanny. As Mazzy integrates into their lives, Foster battles an intense attraction to her, struggling to maintain professional boundaries amidst growing feelings.

Foster McInnis, a dedicated player for the Pittsburgh Titans, finds his world transformed by the full-time presence of his ten-year-old daughter, Bowie Jane. Foster is a loving father, torn between his career and the need to provide stability for his daughter. Mazzy Archer, the bright and responsible nanny, brings warmth and positivity into their home, captivating both Foster and Bowie with her genuine care and vibrant personality.

The chemistry between Foster and Mazzy is electric, igniting a forbidden yet undeniable attraction. As they navigate their roles, their bond deepens, leading to passionate moments and emotional connections. Their romance is a slow burn, building tension and excitement as they both realize that their feelings for each other are more than just professional.

Bowie Jane, Foster’s precocious daughter, adds a delightful charm to the story. Her maturity and joyful spirit bring life to every scene she’s in. The tight-knit Pittsburgh Titans team offers a supportive backdrop, emphasizing the importance of friendship and community in Foster’s life. Characters like Penn and King hint at intriguing stories to come, adding depth to the narrative.

Sawyer Bennett’s writing is engaging and heartwarming, skillfully blending humor, emotion, and romance. The pacing keeps the reader hooked, while the vivid descriptions and well-crafted dialogue bring the characters and their relationships to life. The balance between drama and light-hearted moments ensures an enjoyable reading experience.

The audiobook, narrated by Maxine Mitchell and Tor Thom, is well-executed and adds a layer of enjoyment to the story. Their performances bring depth to the characters and enhance the overall experience, making it a delightful listen for fans of audio formats.

“Foster” is a heartwarming, sexy, and sweet story about family, love, and finding the right balance in life. With endearing characters, a captivating romance, and a supportive community, this book is a delightful addition to Sawyer Bennett’s hockey series. Fans of sports romance and nanny stories will find much to love in this engaging tale.

Book Stats:
Rating: 3.5
Series: Pittsburgh Titans
Tropes: nanny, close-proximity, hockey-romance, sports, single-dad, no-3rd-act, slow-burn
Pop: 70%
3rd Act Break Up- No
Audiobook: Maxine Mitchell and Tor Thom

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