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Buzzing about Romance is a Romance Reader Podcast.

The Hosts of Buzzing about Romance Podcast love talk about all things in the Romance Book Genre. Our goal is to help the romance reader find their next great read. We do this by recommending books based on tropes and through critical book reviews.

New Episodes Every Sunday.

We are your premier Romance Reader Podcast, dedicated to exploring all aspects of the romance genre. The podcast can be found wherever you get your podcast.

Join us every Sunday for our live stream sessions on YouTube! It’s the ultimate rendezvous where we dive deep into the heart of Romancelandia. During these sessions, we unravel the latest trends, decode romance book jargon, explore beloved tropes, and engage in lively discussions about everything related to romance literature. Don’t miss out on this enriching experience as we navigate the fascinating world of romance together! We also release these in traditional podcast form where ever you get your podcast.

Buzzing Sips and Discussions – Book Club Style Episodes

Join us every Wednesday for Buzzing Sips and Discuss a brand-new book club-style episode.

  • Tune in live on our YouTube channel at 9 p.m. every Wednesday night for an immersive experience of real-time interaction and lively discussions.
  • Anticipate a monthly reading list unveiled on the 1st of each preceding month. Follow our social media channels or subscribe to our Newsletter for an early look at May’s Reading List on April 1st.
  • Recorded episodes will promptly be available on our podcast feed the same night, ensuring everyone can join the conversation at their convenience.

Quick Shot of Romance Episodes- Now exclusive to Patreon

Quick Shot of Romance are our 20 minutes or less book review Episodes. Quick Shots of Romance will be exclusively dropping every week on our Patreon platform. We recognize the joy of savoring a book without the risk of spoilers, and this fresh format is designed to elevate that experience.

Happy Hour Edition

Buzzing about Romance: Happy Hour Edition.  Happy Hours are a great way to connect authors and readers in a live interactive setting.     Readers are able to watch via a YouTube Link and ask questions and interact with the author!  Follow us on YouTube and check out our past streams.
Watch our social Media for links and date announcements.  You will want to grab a drink and join the Party! 

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Bookcase and Coffee is dedicated to promoting the Romance Book Genre. We celebrate all things Romance with podcasts, author interviews, book reviews, release parties and Happy Hours. When we aren’t reading you can find us chatting books, sharing our favorite reads with fellow romance lovers. Bookcase and Coffee is for the lover of Romance, Coffee and the HEA.

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If Interested in being a part of the Buzzing about Romance Podcast please use our contact form.