Buzzing about Romance Booking Policies.

We have had some questions about our booking policies and our criteria for the Buzzing about Romance Podcast recently.

Sunday Episodes

Currently our Sunday Episodes are focused on book recs. We also will give insight into the world of publishing and Romancelandia. We often will try to group books together based on a common trope of sub-genre. These episodes are co-hosted by our set group of podcast contributors. If you have a trope or episode idea please email us a [email protected] or use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Quick Shot of Romance Episodes:

Our Quick Shot of Romance Episodes these are mostly driven by our community. We pick books we the host are interested in or ones that are by authors that are community favorites. If you have a title you would like us to consider please email us a [email protected] or use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Happy Hour Events:

Happy Hour Events on Youtube. These events are 100% book promo events. Our Happy Hour events offer a unique opportunity for authors to connect with readers and the romance book community in a fun and engaging way. Our events are 100% dedicated to promoting your book and can be booked through you, your author, agent, or PR firm. 

The best part? We record all of our events and leave them up on YouTube for future viewers to enjoy. This means that not only will you have a blast interacting with your readers, but you’ll also have a lasting piece of searchable content that will continue to promote your book long after the event is over. To make your event as successful as possible, we encourage you to share it with your readers via newsletters or social media. We also ask that you allow us to drop in on reader groups to help spread the word about your event.  Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to promote your book and connect with your readers!

Please note that any materials need for the event, such as copies of the book must be received 7-10 days before the event. Failure in receiving these will be result in cancelation of the event.

If you have questions or would like to talk about pricing and availability, please fill out the contact form below.  

Special Events: Drunk Book Club, Read-a-thon, and Challenges. These events are open for consideration from anyone who is interested in being part of them. These are great community engagements and if you would like more information on them, please emails us.

Since the start of the podcast, we have featured almost 200 authors. Our plan is to continue to share our favorite reads and authors. If you would like us to consider an author for an upcoming event, please reach out. If you have any questions about how we do things, please reach out. I can promise you I will always be 100% upfront and honest in what are doing and our expectations.

We also do not use any kind of booking agent or PR firm. Every guest and book featured is a direct result of feedback from our community. We either personally Email the author or we are approached by them or someone who works with them. We then make the choice to invite them on an episode as we have openings. There is absolutely no booking fee ever charged to the author, PR Firm or Publisher.


Becky Burrier