Review: Even Better Than the Real Thing by Melanie Summers

Rating: 4/5  PoP: 58%

Finley is an American currently living in London on a visa to pursue her education in art history. To continue doing so she is hoping to have Dr. Beauchamp as her advisor for her PhD work. Dr. Daniella Beauchamp is less concerned with what Finley’s current thesis is and more attracted to what Finley’s connection to the Stuart family can get her. Finley does not really know the Stuart family but rather works for Hayden Stuart as a data clerk at Stuart Equity. However she is desperate and willing to make any deal she can with Hayden to gain access to the Stuart Family estate. 

Hayden Stuart finds him in a difficult situation after the passing of his biological father, Lord Fredrick Stuart, Earl of Pemberton. Hayden has been estranged from his father since childhood but has been planning to exact vengeance by dismantling the Stuart estate when he becomes Earl. However, there is the stipulation that he must be married in order to receive the title and all that come with it. A marriage of convenience seems to be the best solution for both Finley and Hayden to get what they desire. 

Finley is so determined to reach her dreams that she becomes a bit narrow minded, in that she only sees one path to success. Hayden can be a jerk when he wants to be but he does not hide that fact. It is hard to know what love is when you have never experienced it. I wish we would have gotten a bit more of their relationship development after the funeral and before the conflict between them as a couple. The side characters in this story are the perfect balance of being themselves but not overtaking the story. I always enjoy Melanie Summers reads for a cute and funny read and was excited to see her add some open door scenes with this book. I love seeing authors grown and Melanie is one I will continue to watch.