Bookcase and Coffee

Every adventure and story needs to be accompanied by rich, powerful and arousing brew.

Meet the Bookcase

Hey friends! I am Becky, I am the total bookcase and coffee freak behind the blog these days. I am a homeschoool mom of teenagers. I have been an avid reader most of my life. The first book I remember devouring would be the Babysitters Club books. I could not wait for the next book to come up. I would hide under my covers with a flashlight and read and read for hours. I loved books and the adventures. I wasn’t always the most social kid and books created a life for me. I will never forget the first “adult” book I picked up; it was the Conquest by Jude Deveraux. I think I was 15. I stole the book from a pile beside my mother’s bed. I was totally hooked from that moment forward and haven’t looked back. There isn’t a book I won’t read but my most favorite is the romance genre. These days I spend my time educating my children, drinking coffee, beta reading and working as a copy editor. Follow me on Instagram, Good Reads and Facebook.