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Hey friends! I am Becky, I am the total book and coffee freak behind the blog these days. I am a homeschool mom of teenagers. I have been an avid reader most of my life. The first book I remember devouring would be the Babysitters Club books. I could not wait for the next book to come out. I would hide under my covers with a flashlight and read and read for hours. I loved books and the adventures. I wasn’t always the most social kid and books created a life for me.

I will never forget the first “adult” book I picked up; it was the Conquest by Jude Deveraux. I think I was 14. I stole the book from a pile beside my mother’s bed. I was totally hooked from that moment forward and haven’t looked back.

There isn’t a book I won’t read but my most favorite is the romance genre. These days I spend my time educating my children, drinking coffee, beta reading and working as a copy editor.

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I am a coffee and book obsessed SAHM. Since I have started reading, I have devoured every book set in front of me.  I started reading romance when I was younger when I stole my mom’s harlequin deliveries and hid in my room to read them.  I am a borderline speed reader, and it isn’t unheard of for me to devour a book (or 3 if I have the time) in a given day.  I love the written word and can’t get enough of it.  Give me a book, and I will read it, but romance is my jam.  I have been the SAHM for almost 10 years now and I have loved every second, but now that my littlest is an all-day school kid, I have found an amazing new tribe of friends in the bookish community.  When I am not reading, I love to kayak on the creek by our home with my family, long hikes, sewing, crocheting, and occasionally using my ART degree from college.  I have slowly been dipping my toes back into the working world as a personal assistant and editor/proofreader, while working around part-time remote learning with my kiddos.  You will find me with my hand always attached to a coffee cup, but the contents can vary from coffee to wine and everything else in between.  Because honestly, everything is better from a coffee mug.  

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Hello! I am Heather and I am a hockey obsessed boy mom of two from Minnesota! I am a Special Education teacher by day, a crazy hockey mom by night and then read well past my bedtime…because I have zero respect for morning Heather.  
I have been a reader as far back as I can remember. I would race home and feverishly create a wish list when book orders came out, and I remember devouring all of the Babysitter Club books as quickly as they were released!  As part of summer vacation prep my mom and I would make a run to the bookstore and library….I think packed as many books as we did outfits! When I found out I was pregnant with our first baby the first thing I bought for our baby was a book, Llama, Llama Red Pajama. I loved creating a library filled with the books my boys love, and carried my love of books into my classroom where I built a large classroom library for my elementary and middle school students. Not only do I love books, but I love talking about books! I love when people ask me for recommendations! 
Over the years I spent my summers reading, and once school started back up I was always crazy busy and reading went by the wayside.  A few summers ago I jumped back into the romance genre and decided to make reading a priority because I love reading so much.  In January of 2020 I jumped into the bookstagram world, and then during the quarantine of 2020 I really became immersed in the romance community.  Reading and the book friends that I made really kept me sane! I love this supportive community and all the amazing indie authors I have met.  
I love all kinds of romance but have a serious soft spot in my heart for hockey romances, mafia, brothers best friend, fake relationships, and grumpy alpha males!    
When I am not reading, I love to craft, bake & cook with my boys, take long sunset boat rides, watch lots of hockey, hang out with my family and binge watch on Netflix.  
If we aren’t already friends on IG, I would love to meet you! Follow me at @mnhockeymomreads

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I am Jenni, a SAHP to four young children. I have a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s in theological studies, but life had different plans. 

I really cannot not recall a time without books in my life. I remember sneaking books and a flashlight to bed to read under the covers. I would go from shelf to shelf in the library reading all the American Girl books, then on to Babysitters Club, Nancy Drew, and then my love for romance probably started with Sweet Valley High. For many years I read primarily non-fiction work and not much of my own chosening. When life got stressful, I was looking for a healthy way to escape and romance reading became that for me. Not only did I get a guaranteed HEA but I could take a book (or phone, or e-reader) anywhere. 

I credit romance reading for making me a more compassionate and empathic person as I have been able to read hundreds of different lives and views. I just recently outed myself as a romance reader and have been fortunate to find so many supportive communities not only for reading but real life too. 

When I am not reading I enjoy learning new things with my family, binge watching TV with my husband, and planning my next tattoo.

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Rachel works in finance by day and reads romance by night. She is married to her high school sweetheart and is the mom of a toddler. She has been on bookstagram for three years. She reads romance exclusively because she loves the guaranteed HEA and how it lets her forget the world for a bit. Her favorite tropes are second chance, friends to lovers, and grumpy sunshine. She has many favorite authors including Maria Luis, Corinne Michaels, and Susan Stoker. 

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Hello! I’m Carolina. 

I am a book boyfriend addict, feisty heroine enthusiast, and 100% here for the HEA. 

I’m also the group’s black sheep, as I prefer tea.

I’ve been a lifelong reader, but it’s was not until about six years ago I started voraciously reading romance. I was looking for an escape at the end of the day from a past stressful working environment- something that would sweep my mind away and melt away stress. Book after book, author after author, book boyfriend after book boyfriend – my reading soul found its HEA.⠀

My favorite tropes and genres are fake relationships, enemies to lovers, sports, and cowboys. 

When I’m not reading, you can find me galivanting at Walt Disney World my husband (we live in Orlando), cooking new recipes, wandering the farmers market, or binge-watching TV. 

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