The Medic | Anna Hackett

First off, I love a strong heroine and the fact that Siv is a member of the Norcross team made me want to read this book.  Siv is a former Norwegian Special Forces team member.  She heads to Norcross in San Francisco for a fresh start.  To say Ryder was smitten from the start is an understatement.  Ryder is also former military, a medic and a paramedic.  He is a freelancer with the Norcross team and loves when he and Siv’s paths cross.  One of the things that Hackett does in this book that makes it so amazing is Ryder is drawn to Siv not for her outside beauty, but her badassery.  In the past men have been turned off by her skills and ability to stand up for herself.  Ryder on the other hand, doesn’t take issue with standing back and letting her lead missions.  Understandably, Siv is leary of Ryder and isn’t looking for a relationship.  But isn’t that what everyone says right before they fall?  I love the relationship that Ryder has with his family and the banter with his siblings.  I also enjoyed how Hackett portrayed him as a strong  hero but it was clear that he had a heart of gold.  He is fiercely protective of those around him and supports the underdogs.  Siv also has a sweet and sensitive side that she rarely lets others see, but is willing to be herself around Ryder.   Siv and Ryder have an awesome connection, and when it is steamy it is STEAMY! 

The mission this pair is on is fascinating, and how it ties to all facets of their lives was intriguing.  Hackett does an amazing job tying it all together.  The book didn’t stall or feel rushed.  It paced so well, and kept readers on their toes! I enjoyed the whole Norcross team, and can’t wait for more of them! Anna Hackett has quickly made her way to the top of my pre-order author list.  This was my first Norcross book, and I didn’t feel lost while I will be going back and reading the rest of the series. I feel like this can be read as a standalone.