Master Chef | Golden Angel

The chemistry that Nick and Avery have is intense.  From the start I knew they would light the pages on fire.  I think what I enjoyed most about this book was learning about kink and the lifestyle with Nick. Initially Nick was on the fence about kink and the lifestyle until he bumps into the girl that he wanted to start a relationship with.  He agrees to take a dominant class. As the pair learn and grow in their kink together their relationship progresses and they learn about each other and themselves along the way.  These two have amazing chemistry and it is steamy. Being alongside the pair as Nick grows into his Dom role was very hot.  Not only are these two in a relationship together, but they also work together as a Chef and a Sous Chef.  They work to keep their relationship a secret and there is a lot of drama at their restaurant.  I found myself loving the side characters as much as Avery & Nick. We also get to meet several of their kinky friends and you will find yourself wanting more and more from this group of friends!  Friends, this is not a slow burn, and it is steamy! If you are unsure if you would be a fan of BDSM and the lifestyle in books, I think this is a great place to start.  Angel does a great job of explaining things and it doesn’t go too far or kinky….there is also some vanilla! Golden Angel has quickly become one of my must read authors, and this book did not disappoint!