Ep 90. The Good, the Bad and the Swoony of Romance

On this Episode of Buzzing about Romance Episode Leah and Becky are chatting Buzzing about Romance a year later and also Romancelandia so far in 2022.  We will touch on some of the good and the sticky of what is happening in the Book World.  We also will do a  wrap up of what we have read so far and also what we are waiting to come out yet.  We will also share some thoughts from the Buzzing about Romance Community.  

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Book of the Week:   

Leah: Janie Crouch Code Name: Virgo… it’s a really interesting storyline that flows a little differently than most of her other books, but it was really captivating 

Becky: Savage Beginnings by JL Beck and C Hallman  

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Drunk Book Club:   For our March Drunk book club, our Patreon’s voted and choose A Very Vegas St. Patrick’s Day by Kayley Loring on March 19th at 8p cst.  Kayley Loring will be joining us, and our community is very excited to talk to her about all her books. 

New Year New Challenge:  One Month Left in the New to You author Challege.  We are encouraging everyone to try 2 new to them authors. You can find details to enter and participate on the website.   

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Next Up: We are Ready to Rumble!  The Romance Rumble is  8 of your favorite tropes and we are going to battle with the help of Podcast contributors, Rachel, Heather and Carolina. We are going to defend what book we think best represents that Trope.  Think of all the book recs coming your way!   

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