Make Me Your Villain by Lani Lynn Vale

POV: Dual 1st Person
PoP: 43%
Trope: MC; Small Town; Heroine in Danger; Instant Connection
SubGenre: Suspense
Series: Battle Crows MC
Rate: 5/5 Stars
Release Date: March 8, 2022

I have yet to read a Lani Lynn Vale book that I haven’t liked.  There are moments that seem outrageous at times, but that is part of what draws me in.  The Battle Crows MC is not different.

Shine and Iris meet in sort of an odd situation, but they have an instant connection that is typical of a LLV book.  I kept waiting anxiously to see how the prologue was going to come into play and WHOA boy, when it came to light, I was not expecting it.  I love the protectiveness that Shine has towards Iris instantly and has no qualms about inserting himself into situations when she needs him to stand up for him.  There is great interaction between the rest of the Battle Crows MC, and we get insights into some of the upcoming stories.  These are books that give me everything that I need and want in romantic suspense.