Until Mitchell by Emma Louise

POV: Dual 1st Person
PoP: 30%
Trope: Instant Connection; Family Series; Heroine in Danger; Baseball Romance
Series: Happily Ever Alpha World
Rate: 4/5 Stars
Release Date: March 11, 2022

I love discovering new authors when they write in the Happily Ever Alpha World.  Sometimes those authors write a book so good I can’t help but read their backlist.  Some authors, I just don’t mesh with their writing.  Emma Louise is one of those authors that I instantly looked at her backlist.  Mitchell Black is the 3rd generation of the Until World.  He is the son of Gareth and December from Until December.  He has always wanted what these two have and won’t settle for less.  As a professional baseball player, he has a public persona, and when he meets Bailey Nash it’s the boom!  However, Bailey has reservations about him.  She feels that same connection, but some things happen when they first meet, and she shuts down. 

Mitchell is not deterred…it takes him time, and some happenstance, but they come face to face again, and Mitchell is going to do whatever it takes to get Bailey to fall for him.  When things begin to happen that are threatening to her life, Mitchell takes charge.  These two work really well together, and Mitchell sets all of Bailey’s fears and insecurities straight.  He understands and her issues, and they work through them.  Now that isn’t to say it is all smooth sailing, and there are moments when they each are boneheaded about some things.  However, they don’t allow those moments to derail forward movement. 

We of course get little moments of the other characters from the Until World, and it is always wonderful to check in with them.  This was a great book, and I am happy to delve into more of the world of Emma Louise, and so excited for this generation of stories!