Review: Only One Chance by Natasha Madison

A Charity Bachelor Auction, too much champagne, and your nemesis and secret crush is up for auction.  What could possibly go wrong?  Layla, as the host of the sports talk show Lay It On You; she knows everything about the NHL players and the game. Specially about Miller Adams.  Four years ago, Miller started this game of fliting with Layla, but leery of his playboy ways she keeps him at arm’s length.  But one charity event and a lot- I mean it-like a lot of champagne made her bid on a date with the one and only Miller…

This is the chance Miller has been waiting for this opportunity for literally years; one date, that’s all it will take to make her fall for him or so he hopes.  But a crazy grandma and some body paint give that one date a whole different spin.   Miller really needs all the help he can get but he probably should not be asking Google for it’s not so accurate advices on dates. But I will give Miller is focused on his goal.  He knows what he wants in life and he wants that forever love.  Miller really feels that Layla is his HEA. 

As much as I laughed there were also plenty of swoon.  Miller bring his A game.  He is a genuine guy who is trying to shed his playboy persona to keep the girl.  Layla is a tough nut to crack, her issues forming attachments and trust issues make Miller’s job that much tougher. 
I enjoyed this story, and it was a fun flirty read.  This is an easy 4.5/5 star read for me.  I would highly recommend this to any sports loving romance reader.