Review- King’s Crown by Marie Johnston

The story of King’s Crown is just one of those that you naturally connect with, making it an effortless read.

While Gentry and Kendall’s tale follows a familiar romance formula, I found the characters refreshing in their deviations from the expected norms, mostly.

Gentry grapples with strained relations with his adult sons, who resent him for moving on romantically after the deaths of their mother and grandmother. Meanwhile, their grandmother orchestrates their marriages before they hit 30.

Kendall, though alluring, possesses a shy charm that I adored, especially when contrasted with her occasional uncertainties about her life’s direction. Her unwavering devotion to her siblings added depth to her character.

The dialogue flowed smoothly, with light-hearted banter that added to the enjoyment. However, delving into Gentry’s past, perhaps through flashbacks, could have enriched the narrative. Witnessing his moments of grief and his subsequent journey of self-discovery post his wife’s passing would have been compelling. His realization about the nature of his past love with his late wife was a poignant revelation.

Presented in dual POV, the story offered insights into both protagonists’ perspectives, which I appreciated.

Despite the engaging storyline, I craved more depth upon their return from their four-day hotel confinement. Additionally, further exploration of the trust fund subplot and more extensive dialogue surrounding it would have been welcome.

What stood out was the story’s focus on character development rather than gratuitous sexual content. This allowed readers to truly connect with and appreciate the characters as they navigated their relationships alongside their family and professional lives.

In conclusion, while the story was enjoyable, I felt it could have delved deeper into certain thematic elements to fully realize its potential.

Book Stats
Rating: 3.5/5
Trope: Age-Gap, Forced Proximity, Snowed In, One Bed, Coworkers,  small town,
Series Name: Oil Kings  
Type of Series: Standalone   
POV: dual 1st person  
Put out percentage: 45%  
Audio narrators if you did the audiobook: Kelsey Navarro, Tor Thom 
Where it is available eBook –in KU audio part of Kobo Plus.