Review: More you Dare by Shayla Black





 Lets be very clear from the jump.  More than you Dare has got it all and some to spare! Let me just say there was not too much of anything in this book. It was the perfect balance of all of it making for a fantastic story!

There is so much to love in this story.

Trace embraces his gigolo status. He realizes where he talents lie.  He is kind of legend when it comes to his love for the ladies.  Trace is asked to spend one night with Masey to help break her out of her bedroom slump.  He isn’t exactly happy with his status as a good time.  What happens, of course, is so much more, taking these two through a plot that had me chuckling at times and aching in others–but most of all, rooting for this destined duo in ways that had me thinking about them all the time.

Shayla Black delivers a true and honest love story. Drawing attention to the difference between what is perceived and what is expected to what is the underlying want and needed.  The reader cannot help but want both characters to work through everything and be together. Throw in Trace’s little boy and you have even more to love.  

I really enjoyed this read and would absolutely recommend it.   This was a 4/5 read for me.  It did take me a moment to really get into it. It felt kind of cheap in the beginning as far as Trace basically being pimped out by his brother and sister in law.