The Shake Off by Lulu Moore


I have been waiting for Payton’s book since The Secret and it was everything I wanted for her. She is now one of my favorite FMCs in all of Lulu Moore’s books. I love how honest she is and how she goes after what she wants. Ace Watson, the star pitcher for the New York Lions, is no stranger to getting what he wants and he wants Payton the moment he sees her. (I realize my repetitiveness and was not creative enough to change it)

Their one night stand does not live up to Payton’s fantasy and she denies Ace a repeat performance after they run into each other again. Ace is a bit of a drama king about the situation at first, but eventually proves that he takes direction really well and is committed to showing initiative. Those steamy scenes had me fanning myself and clutching my pearls!

What starts out as an arrangement quickly turns into something more for both Ace & Payton. There are challenges and I am still pretty mad at someone for how the conflict played out, but it sets the stage perfectly for Ace to BRING THE SWOON! This man y’all….

Even though I’ve been rambling on for four paragraphs now, I’m finding it very difficult to properly gush about this book as a lot of my favorite things are spoilers. Positive problems lol. I love these characters so much. The girl gang and teammate dynamic are both fantastic and the banter is top notch.

Read it; go in blind. It can absolutely be read as a standalone.

This is one hundred percent Ace & Payton’s story. Fair warning: you will want to read The Tuesday Club and The Third Baseman immediately after. I cannot wait for the next book in this series.

*I was provided an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Book Stats:

Rating: 5/5

Series: The New York Lions (Book 2)

Type of Series: Interconnected Standalones

Tropes: Baseball, One Night Stand Gone Wrong, Age Gap (she’s older), He Falls First, Girl Gang, Lessons in Bed

POV: 1st Person Dual

POP: 31% (but there is a really hot imagined scene at 4%)

Third Act Breakup: There is a dark moment

Release Date: December 20, 2023

Availability: Kindle Unlimited

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