Matching All the Way by Veronica Eden

A Sweet Journey from Friendship to Love – “Matching All the Way” by Veronica Eden

Veronica Eden’s “Matching All the Way” weaves a delightful tale of childhood friends turned lovers, providing a refreshing take on the romance genre. The novel follows the journey of Eve and Cole, childhood companions whose friendship evolves into a deep and respectful love.

One of the standout features of this romance is the way Cole treats her with unwavering respect and kindness. In a genre where alpha males often dominate, Cole’s character stands out for being considerate and supportive. It’s refreshing to see a male lead who values Eve’s opinions, treats her with respect, and protects her from any form of disrespect, whether from exes or strangers.

The story introduces an interesting twist with the concept of the characters matching on dating sites but hesitating to pursue a romantic relationship. The tension builds as they navigate the challenges of pinning for each other while trying to resist the inevitable pull of their growing attraction. The decision to finally give in to their feelings adds an element of anticipation that keeps readers engaged.

While the slow burn aspect of the romance may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the author manages to maintain a level of chemistry between Eve and Cole that keeps the narrative engaging. The use of flirting texts, roleplay, and phone calls adds a unique and contemporary touch to the story, creating a connection that is both hot and heartfelt.

Cole’s character, with his dirty mouth and swoon-worthy gestures, brings an extra layer of charm to the narrative. His care and acceptance of Eve, especially in handling her ADHD, add depth to their relationship. The portrayal of Eve’s ADHD is commendable, capturing the nuances of her experience in a way that feels authentic and relatable.

Despite the slow pacing, “Matching All the Way” shines as an amazing romance. The attention to detail in character development, the genuine and respectful dynamic between the main characters, and the representation of ADHD make this novel a standout in the genre. Veronica Eden’s ability to blend steamy moments with heartfelt connections makes this book a must-read for fans of childhood friends to lovers romance, with a touch of contemporary flair.

Rating: 4/5
Series: Heston U
Tropes: Friends to Lovers, Secret relationship, Forbidden, close proximity, small town, sports romance- coach
Pop: 43%