Long Shot | Kat Mizera

New to the Fort Lauderdale Knights is Jace Sutherland fresh from the minor league team he made some amazing plays and has the chance of a lifetime to earn a spot on the Knights.  It is going to take some hard work and focus to make his dream come true.  While on vacation with teammates he meets professional surfer Tammy.  Tammy is focusing on her career and mending a broken heart after losing her long time boyfriend.  She was not expecting Jace and the pair began a whirlwind vacation romance to remember.  

From the very beginning these two have such amazing chemistry.  And friends, this is no slow burn, these two cannot keep their hands off of each other.  And the people around them quickly take notice that this in fact is not a vacation fling.  I really loved the relationship that these two built in such a short window of time, and the amazing setting of the beautiful islands of Hawaii.  Mizera really made us feel like we were there with these two as they surfed the waves and hung out at the beach.  Jace is truly one of the sweetest heroes and supports Tammy in her career and builds her when she is getting too hard on herself.  While Tammy understands the demands and focus that Jace needs to compete at the professional level you will be rooting for this pair to get their hard earned HEA!  And the side characters that Mizera has introduced us to will make you want more of these amazing Ft Lauderdale Knights!