Review: Filthy Puckboy by Elise Faber

Rating: 5/5 PoP: 13  Rush Hockey Trilogy Book 2

This is book two in a trilogy that must be read in order. When we left Bailey and Axel there were some misunderstandings and possible complications between them. I was so happy to see that the way I thought these two would be divided was not the case. Axel and Bailey grow a lot as a couple and as individuals in this book. It can be really hard to read several books with the same characters and not slump somewhere. I was pleasantly surprised how this book used the foundation of book one and grew the anticipation of book three in very solid ways. 

Axel and Bailey find their place with each other in this book but also recognize that just being in love does not make things easy. “Love wasn’t a smooth road without any bumps. There were potholes and divergence and rumble strips and peeling paint.” (Chapter 42, Axel). They confront a lot of things that try to jeopardize their happiness, but they prevail. However, there are a lot of loose ends and a major cliffhanger that leaves the reader hungry for book 3.