Review: Reckless Kiss

From that first moment when Angel meets Deacon the sparks fly.  Angel is determined to be with Deacon even despite the warnings from her family.  Their story spanned the course of years, it was secret and forbidden. Angel and Deacon form a family of their own. They fight to be together, even at the risk of causing descent from their families. 

I loved Deacon’s willingness to fight for Angel.  The passion he had for their relationship was huge.  He has a gentleness about him.  He never gives up hope.   He wants to put this feud behind them so he does everything he can to figure out what happened in the past between the two families.  I loved Angel’s commitment to their relationship. That she isn’t afraid to stand up for him in front of her family. I loved their relationship is everything for them, no amount of family pressure is going to force them apart. 

Real world issues being a very real feeling to their relationship and how they approach Anna’s family.  It add so much depth to the story. 

If you are going to re-tell a classic, then you want to do it with flair and a new perspective on the Story.  Tia Louise does that in this modern-day retelling of Romeo & Juliet. Reckless Kiss is a MUST READ. It has the right amount of sweetness and drama to keep you engaged from page one.  This was a 4/5 read for me.  Tia Louise is a new to me author and I will be checking out her other offerings.