Review: Ship Wrecked

Rating: 4/5
Series: Spoiler Alert #3
Series of Standalone
Trope: Hollywood, Lovers to Friends, Co-workers, One Night Stand, Close Proximity, Real Body, Slow Burn

Olivia Dade is an always read author for me. I love the fat rep she has in her stories. These characters are fat. It is not the whole story though. There is so much more to these characters. Them being fat is just part of who they are just like Maria has blonde hair.  The love and care Olivia Dade gives her characters is amazing. They are dynamic and memorable for so many reasons not just because they are fat.    
Maria and Peter have that instant attraction. It does not take long or much for them to make a move on that attraction.   

One night is all they get, immediately after spending the night together Maria leaves without saying goodbye.  

Peter is back but this time he is cast as her co-star on Gods of the Gates. The co-star she’ll be filming with…on an isolated island…for six seasons. 
We get glimpses of Maria and Peter in Spoiler Alert. They are the story I have been desperate for. I loved that they are lovers turned friends which is not a trope we get very often. There is a care they have for each other that is only feed by the chemistry they create when together. Because of the course of their relationship this is very much a slow burn romance. This is a very character-driven story as is expected from this author. Peter and Maria are not perfect but when together they are electric.  

Overall, this was a great story and romance. I have really enjoyed this series. I love the fanfic aspects along with the Hollywood Chaos. f you are looking for a lower spice romance with create characters I would absolutely recommend this book and series.