Lesson Learned | Marie James

Marie James has such a unique talent of giving us characters that we aren’t sure we should love, but find ourselves cheering for in the end.  I want to say while I REALLY REALLY liked this book A LOT, I know that it won’t be for everyone.  PLEASE check your trigger warnings before going in.   Angel and Lauren have a history, and so many conflicting emotions.  Angel and Lauren have worked adjacent to each other as they work to save women kidnapped or sold into trafficking situations.  Angel likes to think that he isn’t a good guy, and maybe he isn’t all good but there is a lot more good in him than he likes to let on.  He is such a damaged hero and his past plays a huge role in his life.  He doesn’t trust people, because they really haven’t given him a reason to.  

Lauren is an FBI agent that often goes undercover, and has had a traumatic background.  She is between jobs with the FBI when Angel stumbles upon her on a job of his own.  These two take us on an epic journey filled with some serious angst, sexual tension, and healing.  These two have such a deep understanding of each other and in ways that other people wouldn’t even understand.  While they think that they can’t stand each other but at the same time crave each other. I really loved how two people that others may have thought didn’t have it in them to love or be loved found each other. This was an intense ride that Marie James took readers on and I am here for it.  I would definitely say this is a dark romance, and not at all a slow burn! I am so looking forward to this series of books, and I really enjoyed how this crew of people came together so organically.  I am thoroughly looking forward to the next book in this series, and I can’t wait to see Angel in a different role moving forward! If you are into MC series, darker plots, and anti hero’s stealing your heart then this series should be a must read for you!