Review- Never Look Back by AL Jackson

Rating 4/5 (3.5 rounded to 4)
Series: Redemption Hills book #4
Standalone Series
Tropes: Small town, Second chance, anti-hero, suspense

Logan Lawson is an enigma to those of use reading The Redemption Hills Series. There is not much we know about him.  Shrouded in mystery we know his story is going to have some twist and turns. In True AL Jackson style I was not ready. I was not ready with how much Logan Lawson was going to be a twist read.  Logan is a charming rebel.  Logan is so much more than his charm; his soul and his depth was so much more.  There is a brokenness to him, yet he is resilient. 

Aster is the perfect for Logan. She personifies his resilience with her own.  She is grace and resolve.  Together on the page these two are ignitable.   Aster is in a marriage that she is frantic to escape from and she knows that Logan is the only person that can help her. Logan wins Aster in a card game, but for her it is her way out. 

The use of telling their story between the present in the past with flash backs was executed well. It is something that takes talent and care to the story that the use of flashbacks does not fizzle out the chemistry. These flashbacks did not fizzle the chemistry but it did at times stall the story.  

The story is an intricate telling filled with suspense, villains, and a pasts of both Logan & Aster. We also see some from the rest of the Lawson family throughout the story. There are a number of twists and turns I did not see coming.  I do love the lyrical way that AL Jackson writes. I am always intrigued by her stories and the characters she creates. Never Look Back was well done. It is not my favorite AL Jackson book but I very much enjoyed the journey of twist and turns. The way she weaves a story is engaging. Jackson’s style of story telling keeps the reading coming back for more.

I absolutely would recommend this story especially if you are in the mood to be led down a path of intricate woven storytelling that leaves you with big feels!