Reckless by Aurora Rose Reynolds

POV: Dual 1st Person
PoP: 60%
Tropes: Small Town; Friends to Lovers; Found Family
Series: Adventures in Love
Type of Series: Series of Standalone
Rate: 4.5 /5 Stars
Release Date: August 30, 2022

If you have read the first two books of the Adventures in Love Series, you have already met Jade and Maverick.  If you haven’t, don’t worry you wont’ be confused.

Jade is moving to be close to her “sister of the heart” and best friend Cybil (who is the heroine in book 1) because her life has took a dive and she needs a fresh start.  What I really love about Jade is while she is questioning her decisions and choices, it doesn’t keep her from continuing to take risks with her life.

Mav is a guy that in the previous books was kind of on the periphery and as you read this book you understand and agree with the choices that ARR took with his storyline.  Maverick has had not a great unbringing with the one constant in his life is his older sister, and this creates some issues for the way in which he approaches life and relationships.  

He and Jade hit it off from the start, but Maverick tries to keep his distance.  What follows is Jade truly coming into her own in this new town and Mav being there to support her.  Until Jade makes a big statement about her future and Mav shuts down and her out.  There third act break-up doesn’t last long, and the one person that really brings some hard truths at him is his sister.  Who is the one that truly understands where he is coming from, but also to show him how wrong he is.  I appreciate the way this is treated, and the series epilogue is just perfection.