QSR: Beloved Liar by Lauren Rowe

On This episode of a Quick Shot of Romance Carolina and Becky are reviewing Beloved  Liar by Lauren Rowe.  This book 3 in the Reed Rivers Trilogy.  

This is a 3 book series following one couple- Reed and Georgia.   This Episode will contain spoilers the series as a whole. If you have not listened to our previous episodes go back and listen now. 

Listen here to Bad Liar
Listen here to Beautiful Liar

Synopsis from Goodreads

Secrets have now been revealed… lies uncovered… and stubborn walls broken down. Reed always says everyone’s got a price… It’s been his mantra for as long as he’s had money in the bank. And now, he’s desperately trying to figure out Georgina’s before it’s too late.

The scorching-hot love story of Reed and Georgina began as a simple game of cat and mouse, a game of seduction between a music mogul and a young, aspiring journalist. In the beginning, both sides considered themselves the hunter. Both sides thought they were running the game. But what unfolded between them was an unexpected bond neither of them saw coming. A once-in-a-lifetime soul connection. Unfortunately, though, betrayals and lies have come between them now, leaving two hearts on the brink of total decimation…

Will the truth finally set Reed and Georgina free to find the happiness they both so desperately desire… or have they lost their chance at love forever?

BELOVED LIAR is the third book of the standalone REED RIVERS TRILOGY. The full trilogy is BAD LIAR, BEAUTIFUL LIAR, and BELOVED LIAR, to be read in order.

Release Date: March 19, 2020  
Trope: Billionaire, Rockstar adjacent, close proximity,  
Series Name: Reed Rivers Trilogy  
Put out percentage: 38%  
Audio narrators if you did the audio book: Andi Arent and Jacob Morgan  
Is there a 3rd act break up Yes  

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