King’s Crown by Marie Johnston

On this episode, we are discussing King’s Crown by Marie Johnston. This is book 1 in the Oil King Series and the May Buzzing Book Club Pick.  

The Synopsis:

I needed a job and a place to live, but after getting snowed in with an oil tycoon I have to find a way to cool off first.
From Marie Johnston comes a forced proximity romance with an older man and younger woman and a dash of workplace romance.
I got laid off and kicked out of the house I was sharing with my ex—on the same day. Faced with moving home and being put back in charge of my five siblings, I jump at a mysterious job interview. The only catch is that I hitch a ride with a local oil tycoon…on his private jet.
Gentry King is also the single dad of the guy I’m interviewing with. Dads aren’t supposed to be that sexy in a suit, ooze power, or make me suddenly desire older men. All I have to do is get through one meeting in the middle of nowhere and then I can go my own way.
Only a snow storm strands us in a small town. Gentry and I find the last hotel room available, and I’m so relieved when we get into the room I almost don’t freeze solid at the sight of one bed. I don’t need to risk my chances by sleeping with Gentry, but once I wake up next to him I don’t have a snowball’s chance in a fire pit of resisting.
King’s Crown is a standalone novel in the Oil Kings series.

Release Date: February 24, 2020 
Trope: Age-Gap, Forced Proximity, Snowed In, One Bed, Coworkers,  
Series Name: Oil Kings  
Type of Series: Standalones  
POV: dual 1st person  
Put out percentage: 45%  
Audio narrators if you did the audiobook: Kelsey Navarro, Tor Thom 
Where it is available:  eBook –in KU audio part of Kobo Plus.   


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