Review: Always her Love by Melissa Foster

Rating: 5/5
Series: The Steeles at Silver Island #4
Series of Standalones
Tropes: Small Town, Forbidden, Fated to Love, Single Dad, Close Proximity,
Pop: 36%

Silver Island is a magical place and why can’t I live there, oh right it is the made-up place by Melissa Foster. Silver Island home of some of the strongest and phenomenal woman in romance.  I let Always her Love push its way to the front of the line for my reading because I knew that Tara and Levi were going to be explosive on page.

Tara has been in love with her niece’s dad since before she could ever remember, really before she truly knew what love was. She has crushed on the kind and caring heart that belongs to Levi Steele.  Tara has always felt like the mouse hiding in the pantry, not sure where she fits in or her places. She is a people pleaser and with a mother who isn’t always kind and a selfish and mean older sister she does all she can to keep the peace.  Tara for years has been ok being Joey’s aunt.  She has been ok being in the friend zone with Levi, but she realizes that she has done all of this as a detriment upon herself. Tara’s heart is pure and kind. I love when a character is so fiercely loyal in their love. I worried Tara was going to settle for what little breadcrumbs she could get from Levi. Tara surprised me.  When confronted and asked about her feelings, she took the risk and went all in.

Levi was everything you want in a hero and more. He was careful and respectful. He knew all the sexy words to bring a girl to her knees.  His love and devotion to Joey just catapults up to the top.

Melissa Foster writes such great romances with kids in the. It is the perfect balance of family and romance. The kids have an impact on the story, but they never take it over.  She treats parent relationship with such care. It is so hard to balance these impactful characters and relationship and Melissa Foster must be one of the best at doing it in Romance Books. 

Friends to Lovers is a hard trope for me to always embrace.  Always her Love is such a great representation of that trope. It is so plausible that as a single Dad, Levi never saw the attraction, or the way Tara felt for him. Once he realized the attraction was there and it wasn’t one sided, he did not take very long in embracing it and moving forward to get what he desired.

I really enjoyed how this story plays out. Both these characters are dynamic and bring so many feels.  I sometimes struggle with Melissa Foster’s books because she will bring characters in from her other series, but this book had a great balance of all the characters.  I think maybe Levi’s dirty talking helped. 

Everyone should try the Steeles at Silver Island Series. All of them are so good and Levi and Tara might be holding the #1 spot.