Roommate Arrangement | Saxon James

Author Saxon James, has been teasing her fans for a while about her new series, The Divorced Mens Club. To say we all have been counting down the days is an understatement. If you enjoy a steamy MM romance with lots of heart Saxon James needs to be on your TBR list!

Saxon James does a great job of pulling readers in, and this book is no exception.  I do NOT want to ruin a single thing about this book for anyone. But I was floored. And shocked, and knew immediately I wasn’t getting any sleep because I was not putting this book down!
Payne finds himself single and needing a change of scenery after his divorce.  He ends up back in his hometown and on his brother’s couch.  That wasn’t a sustainable plan for him. Payne is 40, finds himself divorced and needs a job.  None of which was in his plans.  As someone his age I totally related to how hard it must have been to pick up and start over.  He never expected his younger brother’s best friend, Beau, to offer him a place to stay by keeping the house clean, fed, and fixing things for him.  Oh and also teach him how to not be boyfriend material.  

I will be honest, I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about Beau.  But he worked himself into my heart and I fell so in love with him.  He is quirky and so smart! He is a pretty famous author with a series of books with a large following and movie deals.  And he needs to keep the material flowing.  He often doesn’t leave his home for days and forgets to eat, sleep or get out of the house.  This is where Payne comes in.  He steps in and helps Beau to focus on his work.  Except, Beau has had a crush on Payne FOR EVER.  So obviously, that is not going to be a factor….at all.  

Payne and Beau seem like the unlikeliest pair are perfect for each other. In teaching Beau that he doesn’t need to change for anyone, learns the lesson himself.  Beau teaches Payne that there is life after divorice and it is never too late to create a new dream.  The friend group that Payne finds when he moves into town is also nothing short of stellar and I am SOO looking forward to those stories….they had me in stitches! 

If you enjoy small town romances, with a close knit community and close friend groups, then I highly recommend this book.