Bad Crush by Rebecca Jenshak

Reasons not to crush on Adam:

He’s my best friend’s brother.

He’s my neighbor.

He’s the captain of the hockey team.

He’s a serial monogamist who’s sworn off dating.

Reasons not to fake date Adam:

See above.

He has no idea I actually like him—like really like him.

But do I listen to any of those really great reasons? Of course not.

Now, thanks to my amazing and convincing acting skills, one fake date ends with him being my fake fiancé (oops!).

My bad crush has gotten me in way over my head.

Heather’s Review:

What happens when the guy you have been crushing on for two years needs a date for a scholarship event.  You offer to be the date, duh.  What you shouldn’t do is tell everyone he is your fiancee.  

Reagan is a feisty and independent girl that has survived on her own for a long time.  She has found a family in her college friend crew.  Reagan is very driven to become something.  I loved how independent she is, and her major is also not one often seen in college romances.  And her reasoning for wanting to be in theater is…..a little heartbreaking, too.  

Adam is “the guy” on campus.  He is hot, he is smart, a hockey player, and a serial monogamous dater.  He can’t stay single for long.  What struck me most about Adam was how smart and career focused he is.  And his career is not hockey focused….Adam is going to be a doctor and planning on attending med school. 
While Adam and Reagan are friends, he really never thought about her as more than friends, meanwhile that is basically all Reagan can think about.  The pair begin a fake engagement but a real relationship that is kept casual.  But the pair spend copious amounts of time together. 
Their friend group really made this book! I adored their relationships, banter and how they all genuinely looked after each other.  It really made me recall fondly my own college experience! 
If you love college romances, fun friend groups, hot cinnamon roll guys, and smart driven heroines then I recommend this book!  This is book #2 in a series with more to come…..and I can’t wait to read Broken Hearts which comes out in July of 2021!  

Thank you Rebecca and Grey’s Promo for the ARC of this book!