Damaged by Layla Frost

Rating: 5/5
Steam: 5/5
Angst: 4/5
Trope:Damaged Heroine; Billionaire
Series: Dillon Sisters Duet

You need to read this book. There is nothing as beautiful as an author taking someone’s struggles and making them human. She doesn’t allow Briar’s issues to smother her…she allows her to treat them and grow with them. They are not something to be “fixed” or “cured”, but rather something that she begins to understand and heal with them as much a part of her as when the book begins. Alexander isn’t a hero out to fix Briar…he is there to enhance her best self. For Briar to see her worth as a person who doesn’t need to be perfect to the outside world. Alexander is not without faults, and there are a couple twists in this story that I did NOT see coming. I was nervous that Frost wouldn’t be able to give Briar and Alexander the same treatment that Brynne Asher gave to Aria and Brand, but she did and she did. These two stories run almost completely perpendicular to each other, so when you wanted so much more of Briar in Deathly, you completely understand why there was that separation as you read through Damaged. There is so much hurt and love and emotion poured into these pages. And you would be remiss to not turn those pages.