The On a Manhunt series has quickly become one that I loved.  The James brothers stole our hearts and readers were so anxious for Silas to find the woman he cannot live without.  And Evelyn was just the lady to do the job.  Eve is a character that we have met in several books, but really don’t know much about her.  We know that she owns the local coffee shop, Steaming Hotties.  She is not only famous for her amazing coffee, but also for her hot pink shirts.  The James brothers are big fans!  Eve notices Silas long before Silas notices Eve.  And when the pair have a very very hot encounter at a bar the sparks fly.  But of course, it isn’t all smooth sailing because her past strolls back into her life and tries to derail her dream.  

Silas James runs the family business and he works hard to be a different man from his douchebag father.  He works hard and doesn’t take a lot of time for himself.  I love his brothers so lovingly (ha!) encourage him to slow down.  Vale has the James brother banter down, and it is amazing.  He literally cannot get Eve out of  his head, and when business brings them back together…is not okay with mixing business and pleasure.  So they opt for pleasure.  And friends let me tell you it is steamy! 

Eve and Silas are an amazing duo! They are so smart, and feisty.  And the chemistry is top notch, they cannot keep their hands off one another.  When both of their businesses are in jeopardy they band together- it is clear to the reader that there is nothing that these two cannot tackle together.  But will they let fear and their past hangups get in their way of a bright future?  

This might be my favorite book in this series.  For real! These two were amazing.  I loved their banter, their chemistry and the business element….they both are such savvy business owners and challenged each other.  I also thoroughly enjoyed how the brothers and their ladies played a role in this book.  I am so excited for what is next up for this series, because it keeps getting better and better!