Review: Pretty Incredible by Lacey Black

Rating 3/5
Series: Pine Village
Trope: Small Town, Friends to lovers, Second Chance

As you dive into this book make sure you grab the free prequel Pretty Remarkable before diving into this book. It really gives the reader just how Gabe and Blair’s love story begins and sets the stage for the story to come.  

I really liked the characters in this story. Blair is strong and determined but she has big feelings when it comes to returning to her home town. This story has all the small town feels you except. The one bright spot for Blair in this story is Gabe. He is her friend and college working alongside her in the clinic.  

For Gabe, Blair is the girl who got away. He is going to do everything to convince her that Pine Village is where she belongs and that she should stay.  

Together these two are a great couple. They have great on-page chemistry. It was a delight to watch them both fall while denying their true feelings. The added piece of an expiration date adds to the dynamic between them. The added element of drama between Blair and her father and her stepmom adds some much-needed emotion to the story. This added dynamic really put the characters to the test. Blair’s relationship with her much younger sister, and that young Aggie helps start to bring some peace and resolution that she really needed. Gabe has the quiet show of love and support to bring balance to all the drama. Gabe doesn’t push but was always there to talk things through with Blair so she could work out what she needed. 

Overall, this was a good solid story. I struggled with the writing style. There is a slower pacing to the story and lots of descriptive showing and inferring. If you are looking for an mid-angst small town romance you might give this book a try.