Review: From the Embers by Aly Martinez

Rating: 5/5
angst: 4/5
steam: 3/5
Trope: Family friends, Enemies to lovers, love through tragedy, Twist, emotional read, catastrophic romance,

This emotional read kept me up reading LATE into the night, really 4a.  This story is captivating from the first page to the last.  It is the kind of book that grabs your heart and never let’s go. This is a story you will keep with you for a lifetime!   The emotional strong hold of this book is like nothing I have ever read, but only in the best of ways. An epic slow burn romance that has you feeling every breath, every sorrow, and every joy.    This book had an incredibly sense of intimacy about it.

This story follows Eason and Bree, two people who have been connected in each other’s lives for year. Yet you cannot call them friends. They have married each other’s best friends.   They are a quasi-family unit even though they don’t like each other. Eason thinks Bree is a judgmental ice queen, while Bree believes Eason is a musician who needs to let go of his dream and step up for his family. When a double date goes terribly wrong, and both of their lives go up in flames, Eason pulls a woman from the wreckage. But he saved the wrong woman, and that will change every part of his life going forward.

Eason is the perfect combination of sexy and adorable, with a sweet, steady side that absolutely melted my heart. Eason is probably my favorite part of the book, but Bree gives as good as she gets, and the two together are something spectacular.

This is a story of finding love after loss, sparking a fire from the embers and building the life you truly desire. The strong family bond between Eason and Bree, and the tender moments that will give you all the feels.  This is one of those that would get 10 stars if that was a thing.  This is on my list as one of the best reads so for of 2021 maybe of all time.  This twist and explosive end I did not see coming but the author did leave us little breadcrumbs. This is a story I will re-read over and over again.  I can not say enough about this outstanding emotional read!