Review: Drake by Sawyer Bennett

Rating: 5/5
Series: Pittsburgh Titans
Tropes: Hockey, Sports, Friends with Benefits, Co-workers, boss employee, single dad,
Pop: 25%
Audiobook by: Aiden Snow and Maxine Mitchell

The Pittsburgh Titans Series is so good. As we get deeper into this series, I fall more in love with it. Each of the books in this series has felt fresh and unique. Each story has been packed with some big emotions and tackled some hard topics.  

Drake’s book is different. He is a different character. His feelings are more about people letting you down and because of those not showing up to support you it is harder to trust in others to show up. Drake is not an easy character to love. He is brash and his dislike of others is worn for all to see. As we dig into his story, we see who he truly is. We get why he is the way he is. He comes off as a bit of an asshole but there is a heart in there that is fierce in its love and loyalty  

Brienne was unexpected. I knew she would be a powerhouse; I mean she is a billionaire and kicking but as a business woman. But she has a spine of steal that demanded your respect. As we get to know her and insight into her life and all that she has lost and just how lonely she truly is you can’t help but love and respect her even more. I really loved her and she might be one of my favorite Sawyer Bennett Heroines. She is an absolute Girl Crush!  

This book has some amazing chemistry. When Drake and Brienne are on page sparks fly and it is an inferno. Drake’s dirty talk and Brienne’s confidence makes for a fabulous spicy read. I love a dirty talker and Drake could be giving a master’s class on how to be a dirty talker.  

I loved this book and really this whole series is the best.  The Pittsburgh Titans have been some of my best reads of 2022 and Drake is bring all the fire and steam to 2023.  If you are looking for a grumpy over the top hockey player who has fallen for one the fiercest heroines in romance you should absolutely read this book!