Anton | Kat Mizera

After reading the blurb and finding out that Anton is Toli’s son.  I knew I needed to get this book on my Kindle ASAP.  I love his level headedness as the coach of the Ft. Lauderdale Knights.   Anton is a young player, recently out of college and playing for the team in Vegas.  He has a lot of history with the team, and a lot of friends and 

connections in Vegas. Kat does not mess around and hooks readers from the start.  And we get Toli involved early for all you Toli fans! I really fell in love with Anton.  He seems very mature for his age, and knows what he wants, and has a good head on his shoulders.  And his friend group on the team just makes my heart happy! 

Sasha and Anton have history, and she is not new to readers if you have read previous Sidewinders books.  Sasha was Toli and Tess’ nanny as well as being romantically involved with Anton.  However, the pair parted ways and Anton focused on college and his hockey career.  Sasha, too focused on school.  Meanwhile her life became more complicated.  Her adoptive mother is married to a King, making her a princess.  I will say I was confused for a while by all of the players in Sasha’s life, so I had to write it all down.  Once you get the players straight it all makes sense.  

It is clear from the first interaction on page these two have an amazing connection.  These two cannot stay away from each other, and it isn’t all physical; they have an emotional connection that is clear to readers.  When Sasha’s family and position begins to put pressure on their new relationship.  When a series of events begins to cause more tension between Sasha, her family, and Anton. This book really read like a romance suspense with hockey, so I was obviously a HUGE fan.  If you love a big family, a lot of feels, and some serious intense connections this is the book for you!