The Dragon’s Dedication by Marie Johnston

POV: Dual 1st Person
PoP: 36%
Tropes: Shifter; PNR; Dragon Shifter; Vegas Wedding; Chosen Mates
Series: Peridot Dragon Shifter Brothers book 2
Type of Series: Series of Standalones
Rate:  4/5 Stars
Release Date: January 19, 2022

Maverick Peridot goes to Vegas to get away from some of the chaos in his small town.  He meets Cricket and what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas.  Cricket is attending the wedding of her ex-boyfriend and her boss. She literally bumps into Maverick and doesn’t understand the connection that she feels. 

Marie Johnston has created a dynamic and engaging storyline with these dragon shifters.  This is the third grouping of dragons, and I can’t get enough.  Maverick has been floundering a little bit because he was in an extremely toxic relationship for years. He is still trying to overcome the emotions and turmoil that created in him.  Which makes him pretty insecure in a lot of ways while he and Cricket figure out how to move forward and together after Vegas.  

Cricket is still feeling a little lost after losing her boyfriend, but realizes that she has been a little lost for a lot of her life. And meeting Maverick changes everything. 

When he reveals his truth to her it goes smoothly, but there are some things that happen that don’t go as smooth.