Review: Scoring Off the Ice (Ice Kings #2)

Paisley, Mikah, Baby Angelo ….Oh My!

Hot and sexy hockey players, a baby and a frazzled grad student/neighbor. 

One of my most favorite tropes is the surprise baby, my second favorite is the neighbor romance.  Scoring off the Ice had it all for me I love the extra challenges and drama it adds to a story line.  Sometimes the surprise baby is the catalyst to through the love interest together, but as the story progresses becomes an afterthought.  Stacey Lynn did such a great job making baby Angelo such a sweet part of the story.

I loved Mikah’s dedication to the sweet little baby.    I loved that Mikah is somewhat inexperienced in the bedroom giving him a sexy boy like quality.  I found him to be such a sweet decent guy but not overly so that the romance wasn’t sexy.

We did not get an overly large amount of background on Paisley or what relationships are like for her.  She was written as an average Grad student.  I wanted a little more interaction with her and her friends or maybe more with the WAGS.  Even if you know nothing about hockey there should have been a little trepidation on her part in to entering that world. There were plenty of opportunities for situation like that to happen, we get brief glimpses, but I would have liked a little more. 

One of the things I love most about these hockey romances is the snippets of other characters and interactions from other in the series.  I love the feeling of community these stories build. Loved that we had some interactions with Katie and Jude from Playing to Win.  I also love the build up for the next story to come about the players. I already have hopes as to who has get book #3 and #4 in the Ice Kings Series. 

I really enjoyed Scoring off the Ice, it isn’t an overly Hockey, Hockey romance.  Not a tone of repetitiveness as far as Mikah’s practices, routines, and games but enough you get the picture. It was heavy on romance, not so heavy on hockey or sex even, but plenty of sexy. 

This was a solid 4/5 read for me.  I will absolutely be reading book #3 and hopefully #4.