Review: Indigo Ridge by Devney Perry

Rating: 5/5
Series: Book 1 in the Edens
Tropes: Small town romance, suspense, grumpy sunshine, first responder, One night stand, cowboys,
PoP: 6% (F2B) 23%

“One morning spent in a rocking chair, and the world had shifted. Like going for a ride and veering off the main path to get a look from a different angle, and then discovering that the trail you’d been on was lacking in every way imaginable.”

This was my first read from author Devney Perry, I have read her alter ego Willa Nash. I have great things about this book and was excited to jump in. We are reading it for an upcoming review episode Buzzing about Romance Podcast- A Quick Shot of Romance Episode. 

I must be honest I wasn’t sure going in… but in the end I loved this book! It was one of the best first in series I have ever read.  Winslow and Griffin had me hooked from page one and they did not disappoint. 

Indigo Ridge is the first book in The Edens Series and it follows the story of Winslow and Griffin.

Winslow is sort of new in town. She is the granddaufghter of the mayor and her father grew up in Quincy. She is returning as the new Chief of Police. She has an uphill battle. She is a bit of an outside, she is young and a woman.  Winn must win over her co-workers, and the town’s founding family, the Edens…. Life hasn’t exactly been easy for Winn and she dealt with everything life threw at her with an unimaginable grace. She is the type of person who never gives up and listens to her gut.

Griffin is a grump! The oldest son of the Edens he is carrying the weight of his family, their legacy, and the ranch on his shoulder.   Griffin loves his family and loves his community. He’s not a fan of newcomers and can be a jerk when you don’t really know him. There is more to Griffin than meets the eye and he is an unforgettable character.

I loved the romance between Griffin and Winslow. The moment these two were around each other, you just knew that one night was never going to be enough. Their chemistry was off the charts and just oozed off the pages. I loved the way their relationship just flowed.

This was a great small-town romance just on its surface, but the author throws in a bit of a suspense to truly keep us glued to the pages.  It always was a great way to help introduce the reader to the new world of Quincy Montana. The author used the suspense aspect and Winn’s job as the PC while being new town as a great way to introduce to supporting characters and the nature of the town. It was one of the most organic world building I have ever read. The author did not crowd the pages with unnecessary conversations or introductions, which is a challenge when you realize the Griffin is one of 6 kids. It truly made for a great reading experience and has wanting to experience more in the world.

Indigo Ridge is a mesmerizing read. It’s well written and will have engrossed in the story.  Indigo Ridge was well balanced in the both the romance and the suspense.  There are elements to this story that build a complex world full of engaging characters. If you are enjoying the tv drama Yellowstone, Indigo Ridge has some similar big ranch vibes.