Reviews on the Fly

I recently have been reading a lot of books in Kindle Unlimited. Here are so quick thoughts on the books. Most of these are going to be higher spice romance. So if you are looking for some super fun and spicy romances you should check out these books.

Vicious Oath by Zoe Blake
Rating: 5/5
Series: Ivanov Crime Family #2
Trope: Age Gap, Virgin Heroine, Sibling’s Best Friend, Mafia, Enemies to Lovers, Primal Kink, protector romance,
CW: On page Violence and Dubious Consent
Available in Kindle Unlimited

The book is akin to a colossal game of cat and mouse, with the female protagonist, Yelena, constantly fleeing and her pursuer, Damien, relentlessly chasing her. It is a superb illustration of the primal kink. Yelena’s exceptional intelligence often lands her in trouble, but her horse-betting skills bring her a substantial windfall. Despite being a formidable and intimidating individual, Damien harbors a profound affection for Yelena.

The story is charged with sexual tension, and the chase game may not appeal to everyone. However, I found it to be a thrilling experience. Zoe Blake exhibits a deft touch in crafting steamy and kinky scenes. This angsty and sensual book was a delightful read for me.

you can find my review on book 1 in the series- Savage Vows

Highest Bidder by Sarah Cate
Rating: 2/5
Tropes Age-Gap, kink, slow burn, billionaire, sex club, opposites attract, daddy kink, taboo, deception, rescue romance
Series: Salacious Players Club 
Pop:  41%  
Available in Kindle Unlimited
**Warning: grief, parental loss, child loss, kink, BDSM**

The first part of the book was mildly entertaining, but the character development was lacking. The protagonist’s personality is not fully explored beyond a few surface level traits, making it difficult for readers to connect with her. Additionally, the lack of chemistry between the two main characters, coupled with the absence of power play in a supposed pleasure Dom, can be disappointing and inconsistent.

The grief trope is overused, and the love story between the characters is rushed and unremarkable. The fact that the male lead was previously in love with the protagonist’s mother is uncomfortable and hard to overlook. While the grief is discussed, the story’s resolution is unsatisfying, and the addition of an accidental pregnancy storyline at the end feels like a tacked-on afterthought.

Daisey was an underwhelming character. She was a place holder and it was if they author forgot to go back in develop her character. I think this is what happens when you write to trend and demand. This book was an afterthought and not originally planned in her series and you can tell.

Ronan was not much better of a character. I wanted to like him but I think his grief and loss of wife and child added an imbalance of the story. Ronan also falls to easily in love.

Overall, the inclusion of an uncomfortable kink and a lack of character development and chemistry between the two leads can make this book an unpleasant reading experience. The overused tropes and rushed love story may also leave readers disappointed. Highest Bidder is a book with an Identity Crisis.