Review: Garrett’s Destiny by Anna Blakely

I recently decided to DNF Garrett’s Destiny by Anna Blakely. This romantic action novel was not suspenseful, as expected, and lacked the mystery and suspense I usually enjoy. From the start, the antagonist’s identity and plans were clear, leaving little room for surprises or intrigue.

Despite my love for instant connection romances set against a vacation backdrop, I struggled to connect with Garrett and Avery. By the time I reached about 65%, the story dragged with excessive introspection about their feelings and even the villain’s motivations.

This book spans 306 pages (not 333 as listed), and it took a significant portion for Garrett and Avery even to meet—about a quarter of the book was dedicated to background information on the characters and other unnecessary details. The romantic development felt rushed and lacked depth, moving swiftly from meeting to falling in love without much emotional resonance.

Garrett and Avery’s initial cruise encounter promised excitement and romance, but the execution left much to be desired. Their relationship felt hurried and underdeveloped, overshadowed by the predictable action plot that failed to engage me. Even after their initial rescue, the storyline continued without a focus on their evolving connection.

Overall, Garrett’s Destiny wasn’t a satisfying read for me. This Book fell short in balancing romance and action, making it difficult to maintain interest. It also jumped POVs outside of the Main Characters.

Book Stats:
Rating: 2/5 DNF
Series: Tactical Operations
Tropes: Vacation Fling, Instant Connection, Close Proximity,
3rd Act Break Up – Yes
Pop: 44%