Hit ‘Em Hard- Bang Brothers | Kat Mizera

These Bang brothers hockey series just keep on delivering up delicious romance with a fair amount of hockey sprinkled in and I am ABSOLUTELY loving this series! The LA Phantoms, Jensen and Kat Mizera did not disappoint in this book. At all! I love that we got a little glimpse into how the Phantoms organization was run before the start of Kat’s new series. It is a PERFECT time to start the Phantoms series but obviously also the Bang brothers series! 

Jensen Bang was such a surprise to me! He is very different from the brothers that we have already met. Jensen is quiet, content to do his own thing, and such a gooey cinnamon roll that is fiercely protective.  Jensen is also extremely smart and has a lot of interests outside of hockey- but gaming might be his favorite! He has his group of gaming friends and they become some of his closest friends, especially when hockey becomes less fun than it used to be….because let’s face it the Phantoms were a complete train wreck.  As a side note, I love how Mizera didn’t shy away from that aspect of Jensen’s life.  Sometimes in books it is glorified how amazing a team is, but not in this one it was honest and really showed how the team was struggling not only on the ice but off it as well! 

Then there is Bailey.  She really has had a rough go, and become a recluse very quickly, and very few people that she can rely on.  Once a rising star in Hollywood a tragic accident set her back.  While Bailey has few people in her circle, they are fiercely protective of her.  Her circle balances being there for her while also pushing her out of her comfort zone.  One of her favorite hobbies is gaming, that is where she can be who she really is, and not the former Hollywood star. 

I am a total sucker for an adorable “meet cute” and man did Mizera give us a good one! Their first time actually meeting was amazing, and the hilarity that ensued with Mama Bang was epic. Stella (or Mama Bang) has very quickly become a favorite character of mine! She has the perfect balance of mothering and meddling mother! Bailey and Jensen have been friends for a long time, but meeting in person it was clear that they had some undeniable chemistry.  And this is where Jensen’s cinnamon roll side of him shines! The way he loves and challenges Bailey made my heart melt.  And Bailey always seemed to know what Jensen was thinking and feeling when it came to the challenges he was facing at work.  They were always so supportive of one another, and very quickly became one anothers person.  I loved Jensen and Bailey so much and I am so happy that Kat gifted us with their story! If you enjoy a family series, protective friends, a kind and fierce hero this book should 100% be on your TBR list!

Book Stats:

  • Rating: 5 Stars 
  • POV: First person, Dual POV
  • POP: 56%
  • Series: Bang Brothers, LA Phantoms hockey
  • Type of Series: Interconnected Standalones
  • Tropes: Secret identity, found family, friends to lovers, who hurt you.
  • Release Date: 7/9/24
  • This book is available wherever you buy books!