Full Service | Cora Rose

I was not prepared to laugh as much as I did through this book.  Dr. Silas Sinclair is very serious.  Very.  He also is very obsessed with Everly – who happens to be a student of his.  Which is very inconvenient for this serious professor.  Silas literally kept me laughing throughout this entire book, and I was so shocked that he didn’t break the third wall because not only his inner dialogue he had with other characters literally had me laughing so hard I was crying.  While Silas loves routine he also is looking for love and really seeks connection with people.  While he may not like it he really likes to be around people.  Silas is just a really dynamic character and not something you would expect when you first meet him.  I quickly fell in love with him and loved his perspective…and his thoughts! Oh my, did Cora Silas and Everly’s “meet cute” was so memorable, and really showed Silas trying to keep it together, but his hot mess really shining through.  Everly is such a kind genuine character that is driven.  He is set on getting through college and moving on with his life.  He is also fiercely independent, which is problematic on so many levels.  One of the best things about Everly is he really knows how to push Silas’ buttons and he has no qualms about doing so.  But he also knows that there is a line, and he walks that line very well.  

The banter in this book is TOP NOTCH, friends!   Seriously Cora Rose outdid herself with Silas & Everly the amount of quotes and notes I have in this book is out of control but I adored every single moment of this book.  These characters have such an undeniable chemistry and fit one another so perfectly! If you love banter, an age gap, with a lot of humor thrown in this book is a must read for you!  


  • Rating: 5+ Stars
  • POV: First person, dual POV
  • POP: 58%
  • Series: Franklin U2- Author Collab 
  • Type of Series: Interconnected Standalone
  • Tropes: Student/professor, age gap, close proximity, friends with benefits, secret relationship, MM romance, grumpy/sunshine
  • Release Date: July 5, 2024
  • Available on Kindle Unlimited