This was amazing.  This was Enchanting! This felt true and inspired. 
I loved every second of this story. 

Sarah is fun and quirky.  Her raw honesty is inspiring.  Sarah could be any of us. Even as she battles her depression, she isn’t afraid to keep reaching out and trying new things.  Five years ago Sarah’s depression was so debilitating she left college and moved home.  Once she was stable she knew that she could not stay in that world.  She took a chance and moved to NYC.  Using her Vlog as a way to connect in the world.  Her Vlog has made her famous, and with it you see her true self and raw honesty.  She isn’t over editing or trying to be something she isn’t.  She eats the cookies off the floor!  Sarah is a character who has depth and so much to offer the read.  Her insights into her world is as if you are looking at some of your own hang ups.  Her thoughts and reactions were genuine.  She is the kind of character you connect with on so many levels. 

In comes Josh Heller.  This man likes order in his world.  He likes things to be neat and tidy.  He doesn’t do anything on a whim.  Being traded from his Dallas team to the NYC Bears was such a huge gut punch for him.  He isn’t handling it well.  Coming face to face with one of his former teammates is not a happy reunion.  Instead it is creating stress for him and effecting his play.  Josh meet Sarah while she is interviewing him for her podcast, Random Acts of Sarah.  They hit it off and a causal invite to lunch leads to a fun read. 

Kelly Jamieson is an automatic yes read for me.  I love her stories.  Her heroes are always these tough guys, but they seem to have a magical ability to bring the swoon when they need too.  I will say Jamieson should stick to writing romance not poetry!  But the Natures Seaman poem lead to some great laughs and had me reading it out loud to my husband! This was a 5/5 read.  I am sure I will be reading it again.  Because a man who knows the exact shade of pink you love and the cookies that bring you joy deserves to be read a couple of times.