Review: The Billionaire by Marni Mann

Rating: 4/5
Series: Dalton Brothers
Tropes: age-gap, bearded-hero, billionaire, forbidden, level-5-steam, quick-shot-of-romance, read, vacation-romance
Pop: 6%

A Billionaire escapes with off the charts chemistry!

This audio book was everything I needed and more. The dreamy voices of Tim Paige and Kelsey Navarro are everything to make the chemistry between these 2 characters come alive!  The voices in this story are NSFW and at times I was afraid my phone was going to combust from all the chemistry.  

The Billionaire is an age gap romance with at first glance could not be two more polar opposites.  A Billionaire Lawyer and an almost college graduate.

Jenner is one of the Dalton brothers, and if you’ve read the previous book you know these Dalton brothers are playboys.  They live life to its fullest at every turn. They desire woman but only in the moment never in the long term.  They don’t commit. Their success drives them.

When Jenner and Jo cross paths in Vegas thus starts a journey, neither was expecting. Their banter is hot but their desire is unmatched.  There is a level of whit and humor to their flirting that just makes the story that much better.  It is a vacation Fling and in a few days they will return to their opposite coast and look back at the week fondly. 

The two of them make their bi-coastal relationship work by filling time with A LOT of sex. There was a playfulness to their interaction that did keep the sexy moments feeling fresh and still igniting the spark between them.  

Jenner opens up  on his terms. It was refreshing to see a woman that allowed him the space to figure it out while not pressuring him. Jo was this sexually confident woman that matched up with Jenner inside and outside the bedroom.

Of course, there was a little twist, I did see it coming. It was within this twist that the book hit a bump for me.  I wanted more plot in the story and character development.  Some of the choices that are made by Jo show her immaturity. It also distracted from the authenticity of their connection.  I liked that even though it was an age gap filled with a lot of erotic scenes, there is a bit more to their story.

This is a steam romance that will leave you panting for more. A cold drink and maybe some alone times is needed. This is only my second book by the author, but I am fan.