Review: Mine to Guard by Kennedy L. Mitchell

Rating: 5/5
Steam: 4/5
Angst: 5/5 (outside of couple)
Trope: suspense; thriller; second chance; damaged heroine; damaged hero
Series: Protection Book 3

There is something about the way that Kennedy L. Mitchell writes that I have never gotten from another author. She has this effortless way of creating a world that you want to visit. There is romance which is steamy and amazing, but she has this overall story that really is what draws you into these books. Rae has been dealt a crap hand in life. She and Alec were high school sweethearts. he left her and it seemed like it was the catalyst to the downward spiral of her life. There were moments that I wanted to cry for Rae. The amount of choas that has rained down on her life was heartbreaking, but she still continued to life…maybe not a good life…but she lived and make choices that allowed others to live as well. 

Alec made choices for himself and Rae when they were younger, that honestly, had he spoken to her and given her his truths, I think that things would have been different for him. He has lived this life thinking and believing something that is irrevocably untrue. There were moments in his life that also forever changed him and his way of thinking. These moments took him on a course to do good. These two characters have such an intense connection that you can feel them bleed off the page. There were moments that I didn’t know if Alec could pull it around because of his thinking about certain things that happened. But he did.

In this book, you get the thriller that Mitchell has given us 10 fold in this series, but then you get that romance aspect that you want and crave. We get snippets of Channing and Ellie in the epilogue and I loved that we got to visit them again. If you have no read this series, you need to today!