Review: A Moment Like You by Claudia Burgoa

A Moment Like You is Henry and Sophia’s story and is emotional read.  This is the second book in the series, however I read it as a standalone.

The connection between Henry and Sophia wonderful.  They have a great rhythm with their banter and humor. Henry is a tenacious man, but Sophia gives as good as she gets.  Henry’s character is one of those that grows on you and by the end of the book you just adore him. Sophie has been working for Henry for a while, but once they are forced out of their normal habitat and land in Baker’s Creek that feelings are discovered.

As much as the story focuses on Henry and Sophie’s romance, this is a story of brotherhood and family coming together. Some of my favorite moments are when the brothers are on the pages. 

Claudia writes fun, unique stories.  She has a magical way of creating these characters that you aren’t sure you can like but by the end you love.  There is a little bit of angst at times.  It is such a well written story.  This is a refreshing twist on the enemies to lovers trope.  You are so engaged from page one you don’t always see what is coming next.  There are several “Oh what?” moments in the story that keep it unique and engaging.  This was a 4/5 read for me.  You should add this to you TBR Pile.