What is Buzzing Book Club?

Want to be a part of the best romance Book Club ? Here is how it works!

Buzzing Book Club is a benefit of being part of the Bookcase and Coffee Patreon.

The goal of Buzzing Book Club is to create an environment that is engaging, fun and safe place to talk romance. We want every member to feel like they can ask the questions about the book we are reading. Talk about what works in the story and maybe what made them bonkers at times. Even though we hold this event virtually we want it to feel like a true night out with friends.

We are switching things up some to hopefully help make the process of picking a book easier. 

At the Beginning of each  Month I will present the members of Book Club with a list of  5 books that fit the theme for the  following month. I will ask the members to vote on which book they would like to read. I am hoping this will take away some of the anxiety of nominations and voting. 

After Voting comes through I will then announce the winning Title. The winning title is very much dictated by the community.

We have even asked everyone to help  break ties.   Zoom Links for the event are sent out in advance.  If an author is joining us I  do try to let you know as soon as I  know.

Each member receives a Zoom Meeting link and calendar invite for the event. We also send yummy drink recipes inspired by the book.

We often invited the author of the book to join us and if they are available they often do join us.

There are always shenanigans and a fun giveaway!

If you would like to try a book club out before joining us you just send us an email at [email protected]

All levels of our Patreon Campaign include the benefit of Buzzing Book Club. https://www.patreon.com/bookcaseandcoffee

Dates for 2023

October 14th
9p est
Rough by Vanessa Vale and Renee Rose

November 11th
4p est

December 16
9p est

If you have questions about Buzzing Book Club or our Patreon please email us at [email protected]