Reputation by Adriana Locke

Book 2 in the Mason Family Series

Coy Mason and Bellamy Davenport

Bellamy is the friend we all need but also the friend that drives you crazy.  This girl with a huge heart and at the same time determined. She seems all happy and bubbly at first, but her fear of being left is big.  She is very cautious with her heart and who she lets in.  She is very young but she has lived the life of 10 people with heart ache in buckets. 

Coy Mason is not a typical Rockstar hero.  He is kind of a mama’s boy.  But in the end he has a good heart.  I think his age and lack of problem solving comes out big in this story.  He is a good guy just lost.  Not sure how to be in control of his own life and choices. 

These two have done and seen it all.  A history so ingrained in one another that they are either going to be the most epic of love stories or each other’s arch enemy.  Their is a power in their story. It shows the power of acceptance and love.  It shows what can happen when you choose to be your authentic self. 

I love Adriana Locke’s writing style. She writes with lightness that makes her stories instantly engaging.  These are the stories of families that engage you.  Once you start reading her stories you will find it hard not to go back and learn about everyone previously.  It will also be leaving you wanting the next story as fast as she can write them.  Locke delivers a love story that gives you all the feels.