Review: The Sebastian Guarantee by Krista Sandor

Rating: 4/5
Trope: Friends to Lovers, childhood friends, close proximity, fated to love, friend group, nerdy heroine, Love coach,
Pop: 43%

The adorable foot tapping kids of the Nanny Love Match Series are all grown up and are taking over the world!  

Phoebe Gale awkward girl genius is not having the best of luck in life outside her PC.  

Sebastian (Sebby) Cress is struggling to find his purpose in life while trying to sell himself as a life coach. 

The Sebastian Guarantee is one of those stories that grabs your attention from the first word and even once you hit the last page it does not let go. Phoebe and Sebby are characters that will stay with your heart.  

Phoebe is sass personified. She is unexpected and captivating. Sebastian is witty and smart but also a bit of a lost soul. When these two are together they are commanding of the world around them. I laughed and gasped throughout this whole story as I watched them journey from best friends to adults with real big feelings.  

There is something special about the stories the Krista Sandor write. She puts so much heart and soul in to these stories and the captivate you. If you are looking for a laugh out loud friends to lovers romance look no further than The Sebastian Guarantee.