Review: Rakehell of Roth by Amalie Howard.

Rating: 4/5
Steam level: 3.5/5
Angst Level: 3/5
Trope: Slow burn, marriage of convenience, Historical romance, rescue romance

This was my first time back in the historical romance genre in probably 5 years! I am so happy I have dived back in with the Rakehell of Roth!  To say I loved this book would be an understatement.  

Isobel married when she was young, only 18, to escape Beaumont’s clutches after he had already ruined her sister. Isobel was young and full of hope for her marriage to the Marquess of Roth.  The Marquess of Roth, Winter,  had always been vocal that he never wanted to marry.  But he did one good thing and stepped up to help Isobel by giving her his name, and family’s protection.

Spending a single night with her, to consummate the marriage, he fled back to his life of debauchery in London. Leaving his young wife in the care of his father. Winter’s wasn’t really what everyone thought he was.   And that one night with Isobel was all it took to have him obsessing about his wife.  However, his hatred for his father following the deaths of his mother and sister have left him enraged, and he won’t do anything that would please the duke, not least be back with his wife and have a family.

For three-years Isobel has been sequestered in the country while reading all the exploits of her husband in London.  Isobel sick of reading the tales her husband is up in London comes to town to reign her husband in and fight for him.   She arrives in London, and makes it plainly clear that she is wanting a proper marriage, and children, they come to a sort of wager, where if she hasn’t managed to seduce him back into her bed by the end of a month, she’ll go home, and might find another way to have children, without involving Winter at all.

These two characters are everything! They are fighting against themselves as much as they are each other.  Isobel is a Lady Boss.  In the time she has been in the country away from husband she has found her voice. She knows what she wants and when the stories of Winter’s antics become too much she goes all in to get what she wants. 

This story starts of hot but there is a slow burn element to it.  Amazing banter and characters you want to smack and hug all at the same times.  I loved every second of this story.