A Spicy Holiday Book Review

A Wife for Christmas by Chloe Maine

Rating: 2/5
Kinks: Daddy, Praise, breeding,  
Tropes: Boss Employee, Age Gap. Holiday , Close Proximity, virgin  
Is there consent: Yes 
Pop: 30%

I really struggled with this book. It was not as good as a few of the others I have read by this author.  
Jacob/Jake is Sienna’s Boss. Sienna is 21 and Jake is 32.  

A chance meeting when Sienna was 19 has led to 2 years of them pining after each other.  
Instead of giving in and believing himself to be too old for Sienna as her boss he went with the how to be a douche bag approach to her.  

Having has enough Sienna Leaves a resignation letter and heads out for her week-long family vacation.  

Jacob not ready to let Sienna go tracks and followers her to her family vacation.  

That is the set up…. to what should be a delightful and dirty Christmas read .. however, there are a couple of problems. And maybe what Chloe Maine was going for was a Kinky Hallmark Movie.. Once Jacob Shows up to the Vacation Rental it does not take long for him to show his nature/feelings towards her. Here is it where it falls off and starts to have some icky feelings. Jacob/Jake really leans into the little girl/ daddy kink.. It is fetish…. Overall this is a skip.. for me. I don’t thing there was much to redeem in this romance to make me like it in the end.

Dating the Duke by Emma Hart

Rating 1/5
Status: DNF- 17%
Tropes: Close Proximity, friends to lovers, boss employee, single dad,

This book was boring. It was so flat without much character. I lasted to 17% and just gave up. I use to enjoy titles by this author but the last few series have felt different. The characters are one dimensional. There is a lack of steam or attraction between the characters. I am really disappointed. Honestly there was more excitement for dippy eggs and bunnies then there was attraction or chemistry.
This title was just not for me and I am not sure the author is for me any more.