The Player | Renee Rose

After Adrian’s book I have been waiting, not so patiently for Nadia’s turn at love.  In all honesty, I wasn’t sure where Renee was going to go with her interest in Flynn. Now, I cannot imagine a world where these two have to live apart.  The connection and relationship these two had from the start was beautiful.  It was clear that they just fit and understood what the other needed without having to fill space with words.  Nadia has had a lot of struggles, and her brother works very hard to protect her.  But she lives in a sheltered world.  Flynn unbeknownst to him encouraged Nadia to get out into the world.  He supports her in anxiety and fears in a quiet way.  But most of all, he provides her with safety.  This man is completely unexpected in the best ways possible.  While so many see him as a partying ladies man, he is also very introspective and mature when he needs to be.  The chemistry they have between the sheets is also intense, and perfect, especially after what Nadia experienced.  These two struggle to keep their hands off each other. Nadia works so hard to get back to a life that she wants to lead and takes back her sexuality in a way that had me standing up and cheering for her.  Rose has done an amazing job of creating a support system for her characters, this crew of men and their women are a force.  

If you are a fan of mafia romance or darker romances, then I recommend this book and series to you.  As always please check trigger warnings.  I have adored this series, and the little family that Ravil has created. I can’t wait for what is in store for the next book in this series.